Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flooded ganjar Invitation Volunteer Jokowi Opens Post-JK

Jokowi - volunteer team leader JK Governor of Central Java is also claimed to have a lot Ganjar Pranowo get invited to inaugurate the post-post - JK Jokowi volunteers in a number of areas in Central Java . He also said the volunteers were already lined up request that was unveiled poskonya Ganjar .

" I ora nyateti ( I did not record ) , I present the request to be higher now . , But because I was bound to be a governor , so after working hours or a day off , " he said on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
( Read: murai batu borneo )

Ganjar said the volunteers were then asked to come on weekends . This week he planned to inaugurate a volunteer post at the north coast . The volunteers come from a variety of groups , ranging from young children , merchants , religious groups , professional groups and a number of other communities .

" We will move to explain to the public , we also coordinated with Jakarta , " he said .

PDI-P politician is asked to volunteer for the campaign intelligently in winning Jokowi- JK . Volunteers are expected to explain to the public how politics and campaigning in a dignified manner , not doing a black campaign ( black campaign ) , do not speak ill of another candidate , but candidates with conditions showing what it is , so that it can convince people .

" Volunteers can explain to the public , what good politics , foreign policy is like, what kind of independence , I think it's more important to put forward , so that enlightened society , " he said .

He better hope that volunteers can provide education to the community so that people can understand clearly where the pair should be selected as well as studying the vision - mission of the future leaders .

"If there needs to be provided for the debate stage , so that the educated people . Even if there is a good flyer yes , each has advantages and disadvantages , each of which can be seen , " he said .


Monday, May 26, 2014

PNS Rated Most Prone mobilized in Presidential Election

Neutrality of civil servants, military and police are often in the spotlight in the general election . Supervisory Committee members Semarang Regency Mardoyo said , of the three institutions , they are considered the most vulnerable to civil servants mobilized to support one candidate .

In addition to very many in number , civil servants have the right to vote , not as members of the military and police are prohibited from voting . They also have ties to the head of the relevant local placement policies , while the head of the region is the result of policy representation from the political parties .

" Neutrality is our place in the scale of priorities in our control to the village or villages . It usually occurs in the implementation of the campaign , in addition to the mobilization of civil servants is also the provision of state facilities for campaign activities , " said Mardoyo , member of Supervisory Committee and the Institutional Division of the Human Resources .

Meanwhile , in a recent visit at the police headquarters in Semarang , Central Java Police chief Brig Ali Noer affirming the neutrality of the institution and its members .
( Read: sangkar burung solo )

" Yes indeed rules must be neutral members of the Police . Therefore I remind you again that the police should be neutral in every election . His job is only to secure , " he said .

Police chief claimed to have instructed the police chief in the entire region of Central Java to map the potential for conflict in each area , the main results about the presence or absence of resistance coalition in which there is a mass base in the area .

" Over time , we update the vulnerability . Clearly , we have prepared two thirds power to secure the election , " he added .

Previously , during his visit in Ambarawa recently , Regional Commander IV / Diponegoro Maj. Gen. Sunindyo also expressed guarantee the neutrality of its members in the event the election though unknown number of retired military generals became involved in candidate or candidate 's campaign team .

"It has been proven , the military remained neutral . Unless Persit and their children who have had the right to vote , that's fine , " he said .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Make Splashy Jokowi arrival in Sepinggan

The arrival of presidential candidate Joko Widodo in Balikpapan , East Kalimantan , was greeted at the airport Sepinggan , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) . In fact , the new Jokowi arrived around 21:00 pm .

Once out in the arrivals terminal , which was accompanied by Mayor Jokowi Balikpapan , Rizal Effendi , welcomed hundreds of passengers in airports . So is the staff and the airport janitor .

They scramble to shake hands with Jokowi and some chanted " Jokowi Life " . The enthusiastic reception given to make the guards Jokowi white shirt a little overwhelmed .
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Having made ​​it out of the crowd of people , Jokowi then up to the Toyota Innova car belonging to one investigator. The plan , Jokowi and his entourage went to Hotel Yayang .

Previously , Jokowi planned to arrive around 19:00 pm . While waiting Jokowi , the Rooter unfurled banners reading " Welcome Mr. Ir H Joko Widodo in East Kalimantan . Society Movement We all board Jokowi for President JKW4P7 Kaltim ready to win in the presidential election Jokowi Kaltim - Kaltara . "

Not only the police , a security guard of the party also fell . Looks 10 male wearing a white shirt with the logo Hanura and the other half wore a white shirt with pin Society Movement ( Gema ) Jokowi for President ( JKW4P ) .

There are also some black red shirt with the emblem of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) , and do not miss the man whose distinctive plaid shirt Jokowi .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Street Corruption, Anti-corruption Activist Sentenced to 17 Months Prison

Reaction Assembly Criminal Justice Corruption Court verdicts Semarang dropping one year and five months in prison to Budi Raharjo , one of Civil Servants in Jepara regency stuck corruption cases of road and canal in three places in Jepara regency .

The judge also fined Rp 50 million drop or the equivalent of two months of captivity. Budi Rahardjo stuck because the road case sitting as a project supervisor . He claimed to be watching the road until the road project working on three projects that do not fit with the Plan Cost Estimates (RAB ) .

There are three built with a budget of Rp 900 million from the regional budget allocation Pemprov Central Java in 2012 . Three Village area , among others, West Linton , West Linton and District Villages and Countryside Sidialit Bantong , Sub Batealit .
( read: blackthroat )

To give the verdict the judge concluded that the defendant with the other defendants were going to do the same job deviation . It is obvious that the defendant signed Budi project file is actually problematic. Working for the band was done by CV Honest Jaya Mandiri .

" State defendants participated in illegal acts of corruption do together as it is for the secondary claim to Article 3 of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended and replaced the Law No. 20 of 2001 jo article 55 paragraph 1 of the 1st of the Penal Code , " the judge said triad read the verdict, Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Its own admission, since the student is to become civil activists who oppose the criminal acts of corruption. To that end , in this case himself feel beaten . Not only him, but also in large families .

In his defense, for example , the defendants claim to have the spirit of reform Budi high and still young . Due to this case, he and his family feel punished directly in the community.

However , the reason is not acceptable Budi judge. Judge triad say excuse used as an excuse corrector , which can not be grounds for removing criminal acts .

" Assembly judge legally and confident assertion that the defendant is prosecuted . That what the defendant was not served in the ground for corrector or forgiving can release from entrapment law. For that, the defendant should be sentenced , " he said.

Decision is to consider a few things . Action defendants who feel guilty for weight considerations . While elements of family obligations and has never been the case of extenuating punished . The two sides also still worried over court decides.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Residents of Kampung Cage Threatens Longer Build Residential Land RTH

All residents of Kampung Kennels , West Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , stated , when PT Boga Bumi Persada not reimburse you , they will be desperate to rebuild housing on land that will be converted into the reservoir .

" If baseball is paid , we will continue to build occupancy back , " said Chairman of RW 13 , Kampung Kennels , West Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , Bawono , to , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Bawono reasoned , in addition to the land , he and other residents of Kampung cages do not have another place to live. He added , they just want to get assurance from the developer .
( Read: burung pentet jantan )

Residents of Kampung Cage , Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , said that until now has not received compensation related eviction from their homes PT Bumi Persada Boga . Whereas , previously , the mediation between residents , the developer promised settlement payment is made in stages until the date of May 20, 2014 .

Previously reported , hundreds of heads of households ( HH) in Kampung Cage , Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , questioned the clarity of PT Bumi Persada Boga on compensation for land to be converted into the reservoir.

Their fate is unclear because they are forbidden to rebuild their homes because the land was included in the area of ​​green open space .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Not sure Prabowo Alkadira Involved Rights Violations

A total of 20 community organizations supporting the presidential candidate Prabowo , who joined the team of volunteers Populist Alliance Indonesia Raya ( Akadira ) , believes that the former commander of Kopassus are not involved in the case of the kidnapping of activists .

According to the Chairman of the Mass Mobilization Network and Alkadira Alexander Spinoza , recognition Prabowo responsible in such cases only to avoid greater effect on society .
( Read: mengatasi kenari sakit )

" But it was not proven . Which do it already light is the instrument the country , " said Alexander, who also joined in the Activist Forum 80-90 Alkadira declaration during a press conference on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Furthermore, he added , the issue of human rights violations alleged to Prabowo solely for dropping electability ahead of the presidential election . " That is always the issue of 5-year exhaled , " he said .

In the same place , Chairman Alkadira M Ali Ridho Prabowo also denied involvement in the issue of human rights violations . He also quoted the Chairman of the PDI-P's Megawati Sukarnoputri posed at the time to be a couple in the 2009 Presidential election .

" Mega Mom once said ' if Prabowo human rights crimes , which he may be my running mate ' , " said Ali mimicked Megawati said .

Presidential candidate Prabowo finally officially took Hatta Rajasa as a running mate would be . The pair carried by Gerindra , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the United Development Party ( PPP ) , the Golkar Party , and the United Nations .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reconstruction Kidnapping Baby in RSHS Lasts 72 Scenes

Chief Commissioner Polrestabes London Mashudi say , reconstruct baby kidnapping incident pair Toni Manurutng ( 26 ) and Lasmaria Manulang ( 24 ) at Hasan Sadikin Hospital ( RSHS ) Bandung , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) morning , took place in 72 scenes .

Reworking the incident also acted directly by the suspect , Desi Ariani ( 32 ) , although they had to use a wheelchair because of not being able to walk after surgery fracture fracture connection , some time ago .

" This reconstruction is one ( form ) combines the results of the investigation report suspect . How'd he do ( kidnapping ) from beginning to end to get away from Hasan Sadikin ( RSHS ) , " said Commissioner Mashudi , after reconstruction , Wednesday afternoon .
( Read: kacer hitam )

Meanwhile , at the time of reconstruction of abduction switch to Alamanda in the delivery room , reporters were not allowed to enter into in order to maintain tranquility . Inside the room, demonstrating Desi scene and Lasmaria Tony ordered him to clean the blood of the rest of the former labor . When both of them off guard , Desi action baby named Valencia Manurutng insert it into the orange bag . " In the room there are 15 scenes , " he stressed .

Furthermore , Mashudi added , only a few new facts discovered in the reconstruction of the incident . According to him , this fact does not significantly affect the results of the suspect .

" New facts just one or two alone . Not reduce examination results , already fit , " he said .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

There was a fire on the Lower Rindang "Banyan Tree" Golkar

Golkar currently swelter and hot . Under the banyan tree symbol kerindangan , no burning embers in the chaff wait gust "wind " right to fire or otherwise extinguished.

On Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) afternoon , as organizations pillar and wing paper The compact Party held a press conference . They addressing voice revenue decline Golkar far from the target.

Quickly calculate various parties estimate that dinakhodai Bakrie currently is around 14 to 15 percent of votes . In fact, the target is 27 percent pegged voice .
( Read: suara burung ciblek )

Head of Family Consultation General Spring Cleaning ( MKGR ) Priyo Budi Santoso , for example , met with one of the Central Organization of Employee Swadiri founder Indonesia ( SOKSI ) Suhadirman day.

Before you press, Suhardiman outright ask Aburizal to remove his dream as president. " Do not dream Ical will be the first in Indonesia outside Java , " said Suhardiman , the man who is also a founder of the Golkar Party .

MKGR and SOKSI , while Kosgoro 1957 , is known as the founder of Golkar and three community organizations ( trikarya ) . Then , other community organizations Golkar , Indonesia Defence Of Control ( AMPI ) also follow the speech.

Golkar chief Dave Laksono ask AMPI organization involved in national leadership meeting future. This organization feels donate for Golkar votes in the legislative elections . They mention that 50 percent of members of AMPI as a candidate member of the legislature Golkar .

The next day, Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) , eight community organizations pillar Golkar ( petting ) and two wing organizations such attitudes Golkar making a statement in the Office of the DPP Golkar . Seven items produced consensus .

One of the details of the deal were urged to call Golkar rapimnas day after the General Election Commission announced the results of the legislative elections recapitulation voice revenue . Rapimnas is expected to be a hot Event .

All community organizations " buffer " This Golkar agreed to use rapimnas as the only official instrument for channeling aspirations. For them, if Aburizal set a prospective presidential candidate based on the results rapimnas , the Bakrie Group owner determination after legislative elections this should already be in rapimnas .

Contention cawapres position ?

Various maneuvers to "shake " pencapresan Aburizal by the " stock " Golkar has actually been launched since before the legislative elections . Some Golkar elite frequent among others mendengungkan evaluation Akbar Tandjung , Priyo Budi Santoso , and Yorrys Raweyai .

In some instances , the third induces Golkar politician evaluate pencapresan Aburizal . Maneuver had perhaps done Priyo criticism of the Secretary-General Idrus Marham Golkar .

In his criticisms , Idrus offensive lolosnya Priyo a member of the House of Representatives to get rewarded for the period 2009-2014 Golkar voice . " Honestly, Priyo barely escaped in the 2009 elections if the party does not dikatrol voice , " he said.

Maneuver the most elite Golkar also allegedly against private interests . With Akbar , Priyo name was touted as a potential cawapres ideal for other party candidates for president .

Senior Golkar politician Zainal Bintang included , so far there are six potential Golkar politician cawapres be prospective for other parties . They are Akbar Tandjung , Priyo Budi Santoso , Jusuf Kalla , Luhut Panjaitan , Agung Laksono , and Ginanjar Kartasasmita .

" There is a third option , ( rapimnas result ) does not carry the candidate. 's Happen if majority vote ( participants ) rapimnas ask four or five - figure apart Aburizal figure who became cawapres , " Zainal said in a discussion in Jakarta , Sunday ( 4/5 / 2014) .

General head position was threatened

Not only Aburizal position as a presidential candidate is no longer safe. General position as head of the party even threatened.

Fourth point deals from ten community organizations in DPP Golkar Party is urging engagement DPD II Golkar, the structure of the management of the district , in rapimnas future.

The involvement of DPD II Golkar could be a threat because it is the voice of Aburizal grass roots structure the management of the party. Moreover , the managers have protested DPD II strengthening Aburizal as presidential candidate in rapimnas 2012.

Zainal mentioned , the presence of DPD II could open up opportunities pelengseran Aburizal from the chair broad head . While managers DPD II is just going to be a spotter AD / ART , their presence could potentially persist remarkable acceleration of national consultations ( munaslub ) .

" Why is there a push to include the DPD II ? 's A strategy . Munaslub a case , can replace the density . Existence of a right to live formalized DPD II only ( rapimnas ) to make munaslub , " Zainal said.

Furthermore, the details of the deal seventh party ten organizations such buffer is clearly stated insistence that national consultations ( General Assembly ) maintained appropriate AD / ART namely in October 2014 , not October 2015 General Assembly 's recommendation Pekanbaru 2009.

Zainal thought , Pekanbaru General Assembly was negligent breach of AD / ART party by adding a term of six years Aburizal be . " ( Discourse ) General Assembly Golkar will heat up in rapimnas , " Zainal said.

Dipercepatnya implementation of General Assembly slashing Golkar synonymous Aburizal tenure as density . Zainal said , so far two Golkar cadres had come out fight over the position currently occupied Aburizal . They are Priyo Budi Santoso , and General Laksono .

Zainal was glass on density lengsernya Jusuf Kalla as Aburizal replaced in 2009 . Currently , the internal Kalla of Golkar angry after losing a landslide victory in the 2009 Presidential Election . , He says, it is possible that such events recur now .

According to Zainal , president of Partai Golkar's position now is very important . Anyone who can get the party 's top seat , said MKGR Faced Islam , would get a lot of political mileage.

Anyone who occupies the chair of the party after the general head munaslub , Zainal said , would have no bargaining power with the President-elect of the future. Bargaining , including Golkar cadres to enter a minister with full authority , with " consideration " coalition of the Golkar Party .

For Golkar , very difficult position probably imagined opposition . Throughout the history of its existence , Golkar always be in the power wagon .

" Familiarity " is probably now the blower coals of fire in the husk . " Flame " is there, though under exuberance " banyan tree " old ...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

"To see such Wants to Meet Jokowi It Azrael"

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , absent in the peak of the International Labor Day commemoration held Indonesian Trade Union Confederation Bung Karno Stadium , Jakarta , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) . In fact , no other presidential candidates were present . What is it ?

" Meet Jokowi that we know all that , approaching ( the presidential election ) in 2014 , as approaching angel Azrael . Success and safety team was terrible , " said President KSPI Said Iqbal on absenteeism Jokowi , after speeches on Thursday . According to Islamic teachings , the angel Azrael is the angel in charge of taking lives .
( Read: burung masteran murai )

Jokowi absence of this activity is to invite journalists to KSPI question . What's more , the activities at the Bung Karno also raised the issue of the political contract laborers for the presidential candidates . PDI - P is the party which has been seen quite a meeting with labor issues .

According to Said , the political contract that they have to offer stretcher to a presidential candidate , including Jokowi . However , he said, the only presidential candidate of the Great Indonesia Movement Party , Prabowo , who are willing to sign a contract stating that.

Until the International Labor Day commemoration took place , said Said , KSPI not get an answer about the political contract of Jokowi . He also said it has filed three times the contract to Jokowi .

With this condition , Said said that KSPI Prabowo will provide support to the presidential election of 2014 . In the near future , he said , KSPI will again meet to discuss the contract with Prabowo it more depth . " For the maturation of vision and mission forward , " he said .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Governor: Fast Kemenhut Remove Immigrants Fare

Bengkulu Governor Junaidi Hamsyah confide to members of the House of Representatives Forestry Commission who visited the area. She complained to the Ministry of Forestry usulannya associated with permission to use the protected forest area for open access one district did not get a response.

"But another thing if for permission mining, the Ministry of Forestry issued a license very quickly , " sighed Junaidi , Monday , 28 April 2014. According to him , the proposed opening of the road was very important , because it can open up access Lebong District which has isolated.
( Read: cara membuat email di internet )

For this , he claims , the district is difficult to grow because it is not a transport crossing area . Over the past year , Jambi Provincial Government has proposed making way through the District Sarolangun .

Harassment complaints host, House members just ask Mr. Governor patient. " Patience alone, sir. Opened with no forest , our grandchildren will surely be thankful to Mr , and Mr. will be rewarded , " said Ian Siagian , a member of the Forestry Commission of the House of Representatives .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Character Education Prevent Sexual Abuse Against Children

Dwi Hastuti , Lecturer in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences , FEMA - IPB ( Child Development Specialist ) offers a solution to prevent the occurrence of sexual violence against young children one of them in the management of schools that encourage character education .

He said that , since 2010 IPB Heritage Foundation in cooperation with Indonesia to develop Labschool Character Education IPB - ISFA ( Indonesia Singapore Friendship Association ) , the educational institution for young children who have the vision to develop the character and intelligence of children at once .
( Read: jenis lovebird )

The method developed is worth learning and fun , using the integrative learning process , concrete , fun and should suit the child's age , so as to develop the whole child competence , especially his character .

The curriculum is applied in the teaching and learning activities in Labschool , said Dwi , became an integral part of the behavior of all parties in Labschool , ranging from school principals , teachers , managers and support staff such as administrative and security personnel and general helpers . The entire school and given exemplary manners and customs in accordance with the norms and religious life are embraced .

Toilets are separated between male and female students , the process of change of clothes and underwear were conducted behind closed doors , to identify the members of the body , dressed polite and well mannered to be a part of daily life in Labschool upheld .

He added that the widespread use of character education should be the primary goal of education for children from an early age , given the behavior of kindness ( akhlakul karimah ) are universal and should be introduced to children as early as possible .

" For the support of all stakeholders in school education in the stream of characters must be done immediately and starts from the teacher . If teachers characterized children didikpun will then formed his character , " he said .


XL and Indosat Open Pre-order the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta

Today announced that BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia has been able to pre-order the Z3 BlackBerry smart phones through operator Indosat and XL in Indonesia with Rp2.199.000 . The official launch of the BlackBerry Z3 will be held in Jakarta on May 13, 2014 . BlackBerry also announced today the availability of the limited edition ( limited edition ) , BlackBerry Z3 , Jakarta Edition , which is provided to the customers of XL and Indosat in limited time . This model will come with " Jakarta " on the back to celebrate the presence of the first BlackBerry smart phone made ​​specifically for the Indonesian market .

Created for the next generation of BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia , completed applications and local content , with modern design , the BlackBerry smart phones equipped Z3 5 -inch touch screen , battery
durable and BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 . Z3 BlackBerry gives mobile experience
great smart anywhere at an affordable price .

Its main features include : ( Read: burung kacer )

- BlackBerry Hub that had been present before allowing you to access all the work and personal email , BBM , SMS , social networking updates and notifications in the same container , with the ability to " peek " ( peek ) to BlackBerry Hub from anywhere , so the only by shifting ( swipe ) you are directly connected with the things you need . Hub feature can identify priority messages and filter the list of messages with various filter criteria that you activation via pinch gesture ( pinch ) display in the message list in the Hub .

- BBM in BlackBerry Z3 include all the latest features of these popular mobile social networks , customized Indonesian society . You got the conversation ( chat ) via voice (voice ) or video with Screen Share and BlackBerry Natural Sound feature allows you to hear the nuances and variations of tone in conversation ( chat ) via BBM Voice , and make the conversation sound as if you were in the room same . Fuel Channels will be present with several local channels and fuel pack stickers designed by artists from Indonesia .

- BlackBerry keyboard learn common words you use and how you use it , then will make recommendations so that the words you type faster and more accurately . This feature provides an exceptional experience when typing in Indonesian on the touch screen , equipped with some of the language ( multi- language) that lets you type in three different languages ​​at once .

- Time Shift camera features on BlackBerry outstanding Z3 lets you take a group photo where all smiles with his eyes wide open . You can also use the feature Story Maker to combine a collection of photos and videos , with music and effects to produce HD movies that you can then upload to YouTube .

- BlackBerry 10 Browser continues to set the benchmark for the industry standard HTML 5 performance in smartphones , and very fast , with zooming and scrolling is smooth and responsive . In the browser , there are advanced features , can open multiple pages ( multiple tabs ) , lets you browse personal site , including the mode of the reader ( reader mode ) and integrates with the BlackBerry platform to share content with the easy way . You can even save the site which will be seen later .

- Faster and more responsive with Instant Previews which deliver fuel , SMS and email that comes to you at any time on a BlackBerry smartphone Z3 . You can even reply to BBM or SMS in any application , or go to the BlackBerry Hub Simply slide ( swipe ) to respond . If you get a phone call can not be answered at that time , you can instantly turn off voice dialing ( silence the call ) and send Reply Now Response via BBM , SMS or email to notify that you are busy .

- BlackBerry Smartphone Z3 learn how and with whom you share , help you in reducing multiple steps at the same time sending files , photos, or documents to anyone . By touching the " share " in any application will appear suggestion to whom and how to share files in accordance with the list of anyone who ever you are for ever, this feature will recognize and getting smarter if you use them often .

- BlackBerry Smartphone Z3 is equipped with an FM radio . You can listen to local FM radio without the need to use a network connection .

" BlackBerry Z3 designed with inspiration derived from the BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia , to continue to make them productive and stay connected with family , friends and co-workers anywhere , " said John Chen , Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry . " Equipped with all offered by BlackBerry 10 , BlackBerry Z3 has an all -touch design is modern and stylish with outstanding productivity features and reliable communication . "


Sunday, April 27, 2014

His friend poisoned , Saudi Men Sentenced to Caning and Memorize Quran

A man in Saudi Arabia has been found guilty of poisoning her work colleagues . To account for his actions , he will be sentenced to jail , caning , until obliged to memorize the Koran.

Reported Arab News , Monday, April 28, 2014 , an unnamed man was sentenced to three years in prison and 200 lashes. In addition , as other punishment , he had to memorize 10 juz Quran .
( Read: cara mempercantik blog )

City of Jeddah General Court sentenced the caning will be carried out in stages in four different locations . This penalty will be carried out in the office , market , commercial center , and in front of the city fountains .

Apart from having memorized 10 juz Quran , he is also required to finish reading some books on religion as a form of punishment .

No known motive of this crime . But he was found guilty by a worker 's testimony that he had been poisoned his cup of tea .

Victims suffering from nausea and rashes on the skin . Poison used is a type of pesticide . The victim reported to police after being found poisoned her tea . During the interrogation , the perpetrator admitted all his actions . ( ita )


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Negligent, 55 Pupils in Bengkulu UN Can not Participate

A total of 55 students from three boarding school in Bengkulu province , threatened not to follow the National Exam ( UN ) SMP level , May 5.

This occurs because the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs ( MORA Regional Office ) was never informed about the local data submission schedule students for UN database 2014.

"Before we get information from the public , if there are 55 boarding junior high school students can not join UN in Bengkulu , " said Chief Ombudsman Representative Herdi Puryanto Bengkulu , accompanied by Assistant Ombudsman Representative , Irsan Hidayat , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) .

Herdi say , 55 students were threatened not participate in the UN 's Boarding School Hidayatul Mubtadi - Ien Bengkulu many as 17 students , Darul Falah Islamic boarding school in the District of North Bengkulu Green Princess 18 students , and Ponpes Tegal rejo Darussalam North Bengkulu many as 20 students .

Bengkulu Ombudsman Representative will coordinate with the Ombudsman to get clarification to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Education . This is done so that the rights of the students to follow the UN as school graduation standards are not neglected , due to the negligence of a particular party .

" We 've visited one of the owners of Boarding Schools Hidayatul Mubtadi - Ien . Of the meeting was obtained , if the Regional Office of victory negligent . In addition , a change of Head of Religion and Religious Education Sessions in the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious , so that students can not enter the name of the data to the UN this year , "said Herdi .

Separately , the owner of Boarding Schools Hidayatul Mubtadi - Ien , KH . Abdul Muntaqim explained , 17 students wustho or junior high level in their boarding schools can not follow the UN , is due to negligence of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Bengkulu province .
( Read: mp3 burung pleci )

Muntaqim claimed to have never received information about the data submission schedule students . " We should be invited to the meeting of the technical coordination of the implementation of the UN . We think the reason is far-fetched , " he said .


Monday, April 21, 2014

In Session Akil, Witness Admits Prepares Rp 3 billion because Pressed and terrorized

M Djuffry , a palm operators in Halmahera , pleaded ever provide Rp 3 billion related to the management of matters in dispute , the Constitutional Court related to local elections Regency Morotai , North Maluku . Djuffry have to admit it would provide funds for pressure or diteror by strangers .

"I was under pressure , sir, diteror . Yeah, often in - SMS , " said Djuffry when testifying in a hearing with the defendant's former chief of MK , Akil Mochtar , the Secretary of the Action Crime Corruption , Jakarta, Monday ( 21/4/2014 ) .

Djuffry say , it never got a SMS or short message four times from unknown people is . The essence of the message Djuffry suspect " play " on the two candidates regents Morotai .

According Djuffry , first he met with Hamid as emcee duo Sharin regent and vice regent candidate Morotai , Rusli Sibua and Weni Paraisu . At a meeting at the Hotel Borobudur , Sharin let you know that it requires Rp 3 billion to MK .

" Mr. Sharin convey, ' Can you find a solution to meet the demands of MK Rp 3 billion ," said Djuffry .

Djuffry undertakes to provide the funds. However , it also borrows money from Peter, a businessman in Jakarta . Peter , Djuffry just say it takes money to pay the debt. Djuffry receive the money in stages , namely Rp 2 billion and Rp 1 billion . The money was then deposited by Djuffry technical information pending the grant money .

The next day, Sharin deliver that money is remitted to the account of Queen Samagat CV . CV Queen Samagat is Akil 's wife owned enterprises . The money was then sent by Djuffry with deposit slip written " palm transport " .
( Read: anis merah macet )

In the indictment , Akil called asking for Rp 6 billion in Rusli by Sharin mind that the application is granted Morotai Election results . However , only willing to pay Rp 3 billion . At the conference 20 June 2011 , the application is granted and Rusli win Election Morotai voice revenue . At that time, the chief Akil The election dispute panel Morotai in MK .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Observers LIPI : Abraham Samad Firm Could Be Vice President Jokowi

Candidates admitted Jokowi PDI has picked three names that will compete with him in the 2014 presidential election . Observer Politics of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) Indria Samego , assess Abraham Samad figure could be a companion Jokowi to run to the front wheels of government .

Meanwhile, according to Indria , the figure of Abraham is needed in order to run a more professional administration . This is because Abraham is known for running the organization firmly in the KPK law , moreover, Abraham was not born of a party that is not bound by the party if elected in the future .

" When there is corruption , it will be dealt with firmly . Whoever the person , will be brought to justice , " said Indira , in Jakarta , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) .
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The look of firmness and courage KPK Abraham menyerat several suspects in corruption , there is a minister , a two -star general of police , council members , and the party leadership .

"Corruption is certainly not allowed . Samad has a golden history in fighting corruption , " he said .

Jokowi himself acknowledged the current vice presidential running mate pursed so name 3 names . But former mayor of Solo is still locked tightly these names .

" It tapers from 5 to 3 names . , But can not be mentioned . Immediately. We are open to cooperate with anyone no matter , " said Jokowi newly arrived at his residence on Jl Suropati Park , Central Jakarta , on Sunday afternoon .

Wasekjen PDIP Hasto Kristianto , previously also stated the name of Abraham Samad PDIP to appear on the radar of prospective candidates in the presidential election later Jokowi companion . Meanwhile Samad has ever refused when Waketum Gerindra Fadli Zon calls himself worthy to accompany the presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra .

" Now I do not want to say it again . Allow only people who talk politics . Capacity I is not fit to be Vice President , Head of RT me so fitting , " said Samad in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries , Jl Medan Merdeka Timur , Gambir , Jakarta , Thursday ( 03.27.2014 ) .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Identification, Pilgrims Ship Death Toll Karam in Larantuka

East Flores Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Gede Dewa Putu Artha said it identified seven victims who died in the sinking of the ship Fishermen Bhakti - 74 in the activities of religious pilgrimage in Larantuka , capital of East Flores Regency , on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) afternoon .

The death toll is Sister Epifanu CIJ , Andreas Gewawo Kleden ( son ) , Mrs. Marlin Wangge , Duan Anthony ( son ) , Maria Nogo Weran , Dede Badin ( child ) , and Lodovikus Tukan .

While 21 other victims , said police chief Gede Artha , is in intensive care in hospitals Larantuka .

He said the results of sweeping Polrer members assisted local residents and pilgrims are no victims around the crime scene (TKP ) , has found 29 people and the search was continued and developed into the surrounding waters .

At the scene the victim was not found again . Gede hope the death toll does not increase . Although demkian , it still continues to search for total passengers previously not known with certainty .

" Total victims drowned along the fishing boat has not been established , so as the number was still confusing . But certainly , the search is still ongoing and will be added soon and the members of the fleet at sea for pegembangan sweeping around , " he said .

He said , the scene is about 50 meters from the back of his house in Sarotari Beach , which is not too far from the chapel where the statue of Sir Meninu store .
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Previously reported , seven people have died while following a spiritual pilgrimage Semana Santa is held in Larantuka , NTT Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) . The dead consisted of four women and three men .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Polish PM Children Receive Hundreds of Murder Threat

WARSAW - Children Prime Minister ( PM ) of Poland Donald Tusk , Katarzyna Tusk , reportedly received hundreds of death threats . Seeing the threat, PM Tusk decided to tighten the security of children and families.

The Tusk decision by harsh criticism . Because the child has been accused of utilizing Katarzyna tight security given to him for personal gain .

However , in a press conference which was held in Poland , Prime Minister Tusk denies criticism addressed to his daughter . According to Tusk is normal , children and their families get more security in the midst of hundreds of death threats coming .
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Reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , the threat is a threat in order to Tusk and his family , due to accusations addressed to him in which he himself was responsible for the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski .

Lech and his wife and 95 top Polish officials died in a plane crash in 2010 . Event is known as the incidence of Smolensk .

Tusk assessed the opposition and the people of Poland are the people who deserve the blame . This is related to aircraft safety responsibilities are supposed to do .

Tusk called lax enforcement of safety in the presidential plane . However , he firmly rejected all accusations that pinned him , this rejection resulted Tusk and their families should receive a death threat .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Producer You Got To Keep The Movies Include Bastian CJR

Although Bastian has officially come out of Coboy Junior ( CJR ) , 's blowing that personnel curly hair is still going to star in the second film CJR later . This is possible because the parting scene with Bastian CJR be one part of the film itself.

Uniquely, it can be done without the need to hold Bastian to shoot back . So how do I ? " Every concert we were always filming for stock images . Includes Bastian farewell concert before . So later Bastian remains in the second film , " said Frederica , Producer Falcon Pictures to ® , Monday ( 13/4 ) .
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As a producer , CJR Frederica believes the second film to be a success after the first movie . " Demand it there . Fans of his fanatical base , " he said . The second film still makes Aldi , Rizky , and Iqbaal as a major player . He did not deny that CJR popularity is one reason why the film was made sequel .

Frederica did not want to get too grandiose in the making of the second film . It will still maintain the quality of the movie itself. " Actually, we make the film what purpose ? BEP deh let me be for a movie again . Fortunately No need thinking how . Then existing quality is sacrificed , " he concluded .


Air Jordan Destroy Combat Vehicle Syria

Air Force ( AU ) Jordan , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , destroying a number of combat vehicles as they tried to cross the Syrian border of Jordan's civil war -torn country .

" Jet - jet fighter air force , today around 10:30 , destroying a number of combat vehicles attempting to enter Jordan Syria , " the official statement of AD Jordan .

Combat vehicles were painted with camouflage models across the border , they said AD Jordan , passes through the area very heavy .

" Our fighter jets fired warning shots , but they ignore the warning. Thing that encourages our jets destroy the vehicle . Army Jordan not tolerate such acts , " the statement said .

An army official said Jordan , a three-wheeled vehicle tried to enter through the region Ruwaished border in north Jordan .

In recent weeks , border guards clashed Jordan and arrested a number of people as they tried to cross the border from Syria .

During the civil war that has been going on for three years in Syria , the Damascus government usually accuses Jordan supporting rebel forces .

However , Amman Syria has always denied the charges and said it was tightening border controls and jailed dozens of people who are considered proven illegally crossing the border .
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Jordan is now home to more than 500,000 displaced people of Syria . In addition , Jordan said that since last year , smuggling on the border between the two countries increased by 300 percent .


Monday, April 14, 2014

IMA file a marketing guide to OJK

Indonesian Marketing Association ( IMA ) proposed ethical guidelines and marketing of products in the financial services industry to the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) .

This is in order to improve the function of education and consumer protection became an important pillar FSA .

" We encourage input in the field of marketing changed , through the agency of the previous input MarkPlus be input through the IMA association , " said Program Director of IMA , Taufik in Education Seminar and Consumer Protection in the Financial Services Industry JS Luwansa Hotel , Jakarta , Monday ( 14 / 4/2014 ) .

Proposed ethical guidelines and marketing of products in the financial services industry , he added , including marketing communicant guide the financial services industry which could be considered if the FSA to make rules in the marketing aspects related to education and consumer protection .

" This step is then followed by a seminar that can bring together the FSA , actors in the financial services industry and those involved in all aspects of marketing in the financial services industry , which is related to education and consumer protection , " he explained .

Taufik, who is also the Chief Operating System Markplus said , it is in order to obtain input , aspect of what needs to be regulated and the regulator which should be regulated industry associations . Including associations that are involved directly or indirectly in marketing activities in the financial services industry .

" It is important keeping in the number of companies in the financial services industry , and the diversity of products and services that are owned . Course involves a series of marketing activities related to education and consumer protection very much , " he said .
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IMA hope that this meeting did not take place only once and can facilitate all the stakeholders in the financial services industry to help consumers realize that a wise and careful . Can simultaneously realize the financial services industry which had a strong financial fundamentals .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Motorola Give the Gift and Loan Schemes Buy Mobile

There are innovative programs offered by Motorola , which plans a credit scheme for customers who want to buy the latest Motorola smartphone series of non - contract , but constrained budget that is insufficient.

As quoted from PhoneArena , ( 10/04/2014 ) The credit program was launched by Motorola to respond to the survey results indicate that the market is still really want a Motorola phone . Only consumers erkendala by the prices that are considered quite expensive .
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In addition to mobile phone buyer credit program , Motorola also provide rewards program through points accumulated by Motorola customers . Customers will earn points in a variety of ways , both quizzes , games , or share through social networking programs . Points collected will eventually be exchanged for discounts , gift cards , merchandise , accessories , etc. from Motorola .

Not only that , Motorola also has a plan to give bonuses to the latest Motorola phone buyers with loan programs . For example, a discount on Google products , free upgrades anytime

and benefits gain quick access to new product information . More information can be found at and Moto Maker .


Need Guts For Want of Islamic political parties in coalition

Combined Islamic political parties gain votes count about 32 percent by pollsters quickly . PKB , PAN , PPP , PKS , and the UN has the potential to repeat the Central Axis in 1999 . However , it is not easily realized .

Political observers UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Fachry Ali said , theoretically coalition of Islamic political parties can be realized . If that happens , he is rich , they can be confident to carry the candidate himself . Meanwhile, the vice president of the nationalists could .

" The requirement is only one coalition , the leaders of the five political parties should have the courage to take a political stance , " said Fachry , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

He said that Islamic parties gain amid high confidence of the public . That's because people who believe in the sentiment of Islamic political parties is very high .

That confidence should not be wasted . He said the current momentum came not to be wasted . Because , it is very difficult to repeat the vote was high enough .

" The issue is whether they want to use it or not . Or even this sentiment off just because the coalition did not materialize , " said Fachry .

According to him , Islamic political parties must berkomitmem always giving a voice to the public . That attitude must be acquired if only it turns out they think of devotion , not just power .

In its development if they are very hard to resist the ambition for power , he added , are the most likely in five years that trust is gone . Even with the strength of Islamic political parties will always be the underdog than the other political parties that are not united .
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"If the coalition does not happen , so better be tough opposition criticized the government's policy . Period lma more years for sure the result will be sweet . "


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blue Light Exposure Potential Weight Loss Boost Mobile Up

Nine out of ten young people who are exposed to blue light phones in the room at night have a sleep disorder , according to a survey in the UK .
The survey also showed that as many as 28 million people in the UK have a duration of not sleeping more than seven hours a day .

Professor Richard Wiseman , who conducted the study , said the findings " quite alarming . "

Of the 2,149 adults surveyed , 78 percent said they check their phone or tablet before bed .

This figure increased in the age group 18 to 24 years , 91 percent of them admitted to turning on the phone in the room at night .
" Blue light suppresses the production of these devices hormone melatonin which induces sleep , so it's important to avoid its use before bedtime , " said Professor Richard Wiseman , from the University of Hertfordshire .

Each person takes a different bed , but adults are generally considered to require a minimum of seven to eight hours each night . (see also: pakan burung kacer)

Adolescents recommended to sleep longer, about nine hours . " The results of ( survey ) is very worrying because less than seven hours of sleep is not recommended , and it can relate to a variety of problems , including an increased risk of weight gain , heart attack , diabetes and cancer , " said Prof . Wiseman .
Last week ophthalmologist said that too often using smart phones can increase the risk of eye damage .


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It List Line-up 2013 that get the HTC Sense UI 6.0?

With the advent of the new version update to Sense UI , allowing users and ranks HTC line-up that glide 2013 wait for the update to their devices . Through a roadmap chart posted by the twitter account @ LlabTooFeR known their flagship smartphones will get updated Sense UI 6.0 .
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The table is based on a device that will get Sense 6.0 is HTC 's line-up in 2013 as : HTC , One Dual Sim , One and One Mini Max along with HTC Butterfly S. This update is likely to be launched in June or July , so reported by droid - life .

If the device already has Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5 KitKat , the update will only update HTC software alone .

Unfortunately, according to the tables phones launched in 2012 will not get a KitKat or even 5.5 . KitKat and even sense 5.5 update for Snapdragon -powered One XL is still under evaluation . Even if it goes ahead , One XL will not get sense 6.0 though .

Not only that according to the tabelt also , HTC Desire Desire 601 and 700 will get a KitKat with 5.5 senses in April . (see also: tema android terbaru 2014)

Through a roadmap chart posted by the twitter account @ LlabTooFeR known their flagship smartphones will get updated Sense UI 6.0 .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seven Types Found, Bird Species in Indonesia Increases

Indonesian Bird recorded the number of birds in the homeland increased from 1,598 in 2012 to 1,605 kinds of types in 2013 . " The addition of the new record comes from the distribution of seven species of birds ( new record ) are published in scientific journals in the period 2010-2012 , " said Jihad , Indonesian Bird Bird Conservation Officer . Based on the findings of a number of researchers , several species of birds that have not been previously recorded in the homeland was also found in Indonesia .
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The new record includes a small black - back gull ( Larus fuscus ) were seen on the island of Wetar , Shearing - sea Heinroth ( Puffinus heinrothi ) in waters Taliabu , kestrel - white forehead ( Microhierax latifrons ) in East Kalimantan , butt - striped spinach ( Himantopus himantopus ) in Sumatra , kedidi Baird ( Calidris bairdii ) in West Papua , leg - red tassel ( Phalaropus fulicarius ) in Java , and floating olives ( Anthus hodgsoni ) in East Kalimantan .

According to Jihad , of the total bird species in Indonesia , 126 of which are included in the endangered category , covering 19 types of Critical , Genting 35 , and 72 Vulnerable . Overall, the number is still the same as the previous year .

Nevertheless , three species of birds has increased keterancaman status . Bluwok Stork ( Mycteria cinerea ) rose from Vulnerable ( Vulnerable ) to Genting ( Endangered ) , as well as the white cockatoo ( Cacatua alba ) . Disturbingly , poksai horse ( Garrulax rufifrons ) increased dramatically from its original status Near Threatened (Near Threatened ) moved up two notches to Genting .

However , there is also an encouraging report of three bird species decreased keterancaman status . Mambruk Victoria ( Goura Victoria ) out of the zone of initial Vulnerable keterancaman be Near Threatened . Similarly, the parrot - ara Salvadori ( Psittaculirostris salvadorii ) which fell from the status of Vulnerable into Low Risk ( Least - Concern ) . While cekakak - ribbon Kofiau ( Tanysiptera Ellioti ) is still in the endangered zone because only one level down from Genting status becomes vulnerable .
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Data based BirdLife International , Indonesia's current top five in terms of species richness of birds after Colombia , Peru and Brazil , and competing with Ecuador . Unfortunately , Indonesia is ranked third in terms of number of endangered species . The first rank is occupied by Brazil , followed by Peru in the second position . While in terms of the type of bird endemism or distinctiveness , Indonesia, which has 380 species of birds endemic to far outperform other countries in the world and is ranked first . ***


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Types of Persian Cats are cute and adorable

In this post I will share a story about Persian Cats Types The Cute And Adorable once , so do not let you miss this experience , because I will provide information pertaining to your pet at home , his special Persian cat .(see also: pakan burung)

The Phenomenal types of Persian Cats

Type persian cat

This type of cat is the animal that is quite phenomenal because the price is quite expensive but not a few people who hunt animals peliharaanyang this one , where the animal has unique characteristics that can hypnotize the pet lover .

A brief history of type persian cat

This cat comes dai Countries Turkey , where there is a city called Persian , and there are many of these animals , whether in the wild or maintained , and the spread of these animals at the start by a merchant who traded European origin there , and he bought the animal to be brought back to europe , and not in the suspect animal is received with joy by the people of Europe are compassionate star .

And peak spread of this animal after the animal persian beauty contest , which was conducted in the UK in 1800 . Well there was the start of her animals to be hunted pet lovers , and they were willing to buy these animals even though the price is not friendly or expensive . Where this type of Persian cat its price ranges from 2 to 25 million dollars , and it also depends on the uniqueness of its own cat .

Special features persian cat

To see the characteristics of this animal is very easy at all , this cat has a unique face , his nose snub yan parallel to his mouth , and from animal fur has a long, thick fur , this cat has a friendly carpenter , good , and this cat is very easy to adapt to its new environment , so it is not difficult to maintain one 's animals .
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The Phenomenal types of Persian Cats
Well that's a little explanation of the type of Persian Cats are cute and adorable once , hopefully this article brmanfaat and terikasih over his visit .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Risk Python Snake Swallowing Large Prey kind of crocodile

Piton including deadly snakes . Although not venomous , these reptiles could kill their prey lives with winding very strong biting . Large prey can he voraciously .
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Python victims were varied , ranging from small animals such as mice to larger animals such as deer . Even pythons also dare prey on other wild animals , the alligator .

Mentioned by preying crocodile , python benefit , can not eat fast alias for two months .

But to prey on crocodiles is not an easy thing for python , crocodile body hard and scaly sharp backfire for python . The snake took a little longer to destroy the crocodile 's body .

Risk crocodiles prey on the body for a long time it makes python vulnerable from attack other wild animals , for example dogs Australia .

" Pythons can swallow a crocodile , it does not matter . 's Just the more risky option than to prey on mice , " said Bryan Fry , a snake expert at the University of Queensland , Australia .

The BBC , Wednesday, March 5, 2014 , Fry claimed to have witnessed how hard pythons prey crocodile . Piton took 5 hours to swallow the alligator body .

Piton rely on robust coil body to paralyze their prey . This snake is also able to detect the heartbeats of their prey, so as to know their hearts beating stopped , python will slowly begin to reduce the strength of the windings to then engulf the nation in his body .

The process is also not easy to swallow alligator . As mentioned above, the risk of a python attacked another animal . Besides the risk , python body could not withstand the magnitude of the crocodile 's body .

This happened 9 years ago , in 2005 , the Burmese python in Florida , the U.S. was trying to swallow prey crocodile stronger . Python 's body is torn and flesh swept out . The possibility that pythons could not swallow the alligator 's body is too large and cut the artery python .

When prey is located in the stomach python , python digestive system will work . Ingestion of prey melibatlan increase in body metabolism that wild snake . Python can grow organs , enlarged to three to four times the normal size . To destroy the prey 's body , enzymes rely python .
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Within two weeks after prey , pythons began slender body and a week later , the snake may defecate .