Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Producer You Got To Keep The Movies Include Bastian CJR

Although Bastian has officially come out of Coboy Junior ( CJR ) , 's blowing that personnel curly hair is still going to star in the second film CJR later . This is possible because the parting scene with Bastian CJR be one part of the film itself.

Uniquely, it can be done without the need to hold Bastian to shoot back . So how do I ? " Every concert we were always filming for stock images . Includes Bastian farewell concert before . So later Bastian remains in the second film , " said Frederica , Producer Falcon Pictures to ® , Monday ( 13/4 ) .
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As a producer , CJR Frederica believes the second film to be a success after the first movie . " Demand it there . Fans of his fanatical base , " he said . The second film still makes Aldi , Rizky , and Iqbaal as a major player . He did not deny that CJR popularity is one reason why the film was made sequel .

Frederica did not want to get too grandiose in the making of the second film . It will still maintain the quality of the movie itself. " Actually, we make the film what purpose ? BEP deh let me be for a movie again . Fortunately No need thinking how . Then existing quality is sacrificed , " he concluded .


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