Friday, April 11, 2014

Need Guts For Want of Islamic political parties in coalition

Combined Islamic political parties gain votes count about 32 percent by pollsters quickly . PKB , PAN , PPP , PKS , and the UN has the potential to repeat the Central Axis in 1999 . However , it is not easily realized .

Political observers UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Fachry Ali said , theoretically coalition of Islamic political parties can be realized . If that happens , he is rich , they can be confident to carry the candidate himself . Meanwhile, the vice president of the nationalists could .

" The requirement is only one coalition , the leaders of the five political parties should have the courage to take a political stance , " said Fachry , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

He said that Islamic parties gain amid high confidence of the public . That's because people who believe in the sentiment of Islamic political parties is very high .

That confidence should not be wasted . He said the current momentum came not to be wasted . Because , it is very difficult to repeat the vote was high enough .

" The issue is whether they want to use it or not . Or even this sentiment off just because the coalition did not materialize , " said Fachry .

According to him , Islamic political parties must berkomitmem always giving a voice to the public . That attitude must be acquired if only it turns out they think of devotion , not just power .

In its development if they are very hard to resist the ambition for power , he added , are the most likely in five years that trust is gone . Even with the strength of Islamic political parties will always be the underdog than the other political parties that are not united .
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"If the coalition does not happen , so better be tough opposition criticized the government's policy . Period lma more years for sure the result will be sweet . "


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