Monday, April 21, 2014

In Session Akil, Witness Admits Prepares Rp 3 billion because Pressed and terrorized

M Djuffry , a palm operators in Halmahera , pleaded ever provide Rp 3 billion related to the management of matters in dispute , the Constitutional Court related to local elections Regency Morotai , North Maluku . Djuffry have to admit it would provide funds for pressure or diteror by strangers .

"I was under pressure , sir, diteror . Yeah, often in - SMS , " said Djuffry when testifying in a hearing with the defendant's former chief of MK , Akil Mochtar , the Secretary of the Action Crime Corruption , Jakarta, Monday ( 21/4/2014 ) .

Djuffry say , it never got a SMS or short message four times from unknown people is . The essence of the message Djuffry suspect " play " on the two candidates regents Morotai .

According Djuffry , first he met with Hamid as emcee duo Sharin regent and vice regent candidate Morotai , Rusli Sibua and Weni Paraisu . At a meeting at the Hotel Borobudur , Sharin let you know that it requires Rp 3 billion to MK .

" Mr. Sharin convey, ' Can you find a solution to meet the demands of MK Rp 3 billion ," said Djuffry .

Djuffry undertakes to provide the funds. However , it also borrows money from Peter, a businessman in Jakarta . Peter , Djuffry just say it takes money to pay the debt. Djuffry receive the money in stages , namely Rp 2 billion and Rp 1 billion . The money was then deposited by Djuffry technical information pending the grant money .

The next day, Sharin deliver that money is remitted to the account of Queen Samagat CV . CV Queen Samagat is Akil 's wife owned enterprises . The money was then sent by Djuffry with deposit slip written " palm transport " .
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In the indictment , Akil called asking for Rp 6 billion in Rusli by Sharin mind that the application is granted Morotai Election results . However , only willing to pay Rp 3 billion . At the conference 20 June 2011 , the application is granted and Rusli win Election Morotai voice revenue . At that time, the chief Akil The election dispute panel Morotai in MK .


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