Monday, April 28, 2014

Character Education Prevent Sexual Abuse Against Children

Dwi Hastuti , Lecturer in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences , FEMA - IPB ( Child Development Specialist ) offers a solution to prevent the occurrence of sexual violence against young children one of them in the management of schools that encourage character education .

He said that , since 2010 IPB Heritage Foundation in cooperation with Indonesia to develop Labschool Character Education IPB - ISFA ( Indonesia Singapore Friendship Association ) , the educational institution for young children who have the vision to develop the character and intelligence of children at once .
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The method developed is worth learning and fun , using the integrative learning process , concrete , fun and should suit the child's age , so as to develop the whole child competence , especially his character .

The curriculum is applied in the teaching and learning activities in Labschool , said Dwi , became an integral part of the behavior of all parties in Labschool , ranging from school principals , teachers , managers and support staff such as administrative and security personnel and general helpers . The entire school and given exemplary manners and customs in accordance with the norms and religious life are embraced .

Toilets are separated between male and female students , the process of change of clothes and underwear were conducted behind closed doors , to identify the members of the body , dressed polite and well mannered to be a part of daily life in Labschool upheld .

He added that the widespread use of character education should be the primary goal of education for children from an early age , given the behavior of kindness ( akhlakul karimah ) are universal and should be introduced to children as early as possible .

" For the support of all stakeholders in school education in the stream of characters must be done immediately and starts from the teacher . If teachers characterized children didikpun will then formed his character , " he said .


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