Monday, April 28, 2014

XL and Indosat Open Pre-order the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta

Today announced that BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia has been able to pre-order the Z3 BlackBerry smart phones through operator Indosat and XL in Indonesia with Rp2.199.000 . The official launch of the BlackBerry Z3 will be held in Jakarta on May 13, 2014 . BlackBerry also announced today the availability of the limited edition ( limited edition ) , BlackBerry Z3 , Jakarta Edition , which is provided to the customers of XL and Indosat in limited time . This model will come with " Jakarta " on the back to celebrate the presence of the first BlackBerry smart phone made ​​specifically for the Indonesian market .

Created for the next generation of BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia , completed applications and local content , with modern design , the BlackBerry smart phones equipped Z3 5 -inch touch screen , battery
durable and BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 . Z3 BlackBerry gives mobile experience
great smart anywhere at an affordable price .

Its main features include : ( Read: burung kacer )

- BlackBerry Hub that had been present before allowing you to access all the work and personal email , BBM , SMS , social networking updates and notifications in the same container , with the ability to " peek " ( peek ) to BlackBerry Hub from anywhere , so the only by shifting ( swipe ) you are directly connected with the things you need . Hub feature can identify priority messages and filter the list of messages with various filter criteria that you activation via pinch gesture ( pinch ) display in the message list in the Hub .

- BBM in BlackBerry Z3 include all the latest features of these popular mobile social networks , customized Indonesian society . You got the conversation ( chat ) via voice (voice ) or video with Screen Share and BlackBerry Natural Sound feature allows you to hear the nuances and variations of tone in conversation ( chat ) via BBM Voice , and make the conversation sound as if you were in the room same . Fuel Channels will be present with several local channels and fuel pack stickers designed by artists from Indonesia .

- BlackBerry keyboard learn common words you use and how you use it , then will make recommendations so that the words you type faster and more accurately . This feature provides an exceptional experience when typing in Indonesian on the touch screen , equipped with some of the language ( multi- language) that lets you type in three different languages ​​at once .

- Time Shift camera features on BlackBerry outstanding Z3 lets you take a group photo where all smiles with his eyes wide open . You can also use the feature Story Maker to combine a collection of photos and videos , with music and effects to produce HD movies that you can then upload to YouTube .

- BlackBerry 10 Browser continues to set the benchmark for the industry standard HTML 5 performance in smartphones , and very fast , with zooming and scrolling is smooth and responsive . In the browser , there are advanced features , can open multiple pages ( multiple tabs ) , lets you browse personal site , including the mode of the reader ( reader mode ) and integrates with the BlackBerry platform to share content with the easy way . You can even save the site which will be seen later .

- Faster and more responsive with Instant Previews which deliver fuel , SMS and email that comes to you at any time on a BlackBerry smartphone Z3 . You can even reply to BBM or SMS in any application , or go to the BlackBerry Hub Simply slide ( swipe ) to respond . If you get a phone call can not be answered at that time , you can instantly turn off voice dialing ( silence the call ) and send Reply Now Response via BBM , SMS or email to notify that you are busy .

- BlackBerry Smartphone Z3 learn how and with whom you share , help you in reducing multiple steps at the same time sending files , photos, or documents to anyone . By touching the " share " in any application will appear suggestion to whom and how to share files in accordance with the list of anyone who ever you are for ever, this feature will recognize and getting smarter if you use them often .

- BlackBerry Smartphone Z3 is equipped with an FM radio . You can listen to local FM radio without the need to use a network connection .

" BlackBerry Z3 designed with inspiration derived from the BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia , to continue to make them productive and stay connected with family , friends and co-workers anywhere , " said John Chen , Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry . " Equipped with all offered by BlackBerry 10 , BlackBerry Z3 has an all -touch design is modern and stylish with outstanding productivity features and reliable communication . "


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