Sunday, April 20, 2014

Observers LIPI : Abraham Samad Firm Could Be Vice President Jokowi

Candidates admitted Jokowi PDI has picked three names that will compete with him in the 2014 presidential election . Observer Politics of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) Indria Samego , assess Abraham Samad figure could be a companion Jokowi to run to the front wheels of government .

Meanwhile, according to Indria , the figure of Abraham is needed in order to run a more professional administration . This is because Abraham is known for running the organization firmly in the KPK law , moreover, Abraham was not born of a party that is not bound by the party if elected in the future .

" When there is corruption , it will be dealt with firmly . Whoever the person , will be brought to justice , " said Indira , in Jakarta , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) .
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The look of firmness and courage KPK Abraham menyerat several suspects in corruption , there is a minister , a two -star general of police , council members , and the party leadership .

"Corruption is certainly not allowed . Samad has a golden history in fighting corruption , " he said .

Jokowi himself acknowledged the current vice presidential running mate pursed so name 3 names . But former mayor of Solo is still locked tightly these names .

" It tapers from 5 to 3 names . , But can not be mentioned . Immediately. We are open to cooperate with anyone no matter , " said Jokowi newly arrived at his residence on Jl Suropati Park , Central Jakarta , on Sunday afternoon .

Wasekjen PDIP Hasto Kristianto , previously also stated the name of Abraham Samad PDIP to appear on the radar of prospective candidates in the presidential election later Jokowi companion . Meanwhile Samad has ever refused when Waketum Gerindra Fadli Zon calls himself worthy to accompany the presidential candidate Prabowo Gerindra .

" Now I do not want to say it again . Allow only people who talk politics . Capacity I is not fit to be Vice President , Head of RT me so fitting , " said Samad in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries , Jl Medan Merdeka Timur , Gambir , Jakarta , Thursday ( 03.27.2014 ) .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Identification, Pilgrims Ship Death Toll Karam in Larantuka

East Flores Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Gede Dewa Putu Artha said it identified seven victims who died in the sinking of the ship Fishermen Bhakti - 74 in the activities of religious pilgrimage in Larantuka , capital of East Flores Regency , on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) afternoon .

The death toll is Sister Epifanu CIJ , Andreas Gewawo Kleden ( son ) , Mrs. Marlin Wangge , Duan Anthony ( son ) , Maria Nogo Weran , Dede Badin ( child ) , and Lodovikus Tukan .

While 21 other victims , said police chief Gede Artha , is in intensive care in hospitals Larantuka .

He said the results of sweeping Polrer members assisted local residents and pilgrims are no victims around the crime scene (TKP ) , has found 29 people and the search was continued and developed into the surrounding waters .

At the scene the victim was not found again . Gede hope the death toll does not increase . Although demkian , it still continues to search for total passengers previously not known with certainty .

" Total victims drowned along the fishing boat has not been established , so as the number was still confusing . But certainly , the search is still ongoing and will be added soon and the members of the fleet at sea for pegembangan sweeping around , " he said .

He said , the scene is about 50 meters from the back of his house in Sarotari Beach , which is not too far from the chapel where the statue of Sir Meninu store .
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Previously reported , seven people have died while following a spiritual pilgrimage Semana Santa is held in Larantuka , NTT Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) . The dead consisted of four women and three men .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Polish PM Children Receive Hundreds of Murder Threat

WARSAW - Children Prime Minister ( PM ) of Poland Donald Tusk , Katarzyna Tusk , reportedly received hundreds of death threats . Seeing the threat, PM Tusk decided to tighten the security of children and families.

The Tusk decision by harsh criticism . Because the child has been accused of utilizing Katarzyna tight security given to him for personal gain .

However , in a press conference which was held in Poland , Prime Minister Tusk denies criticism addressed to his daughter . According to Tusk is normal , children and their families get more security in the midst of hundreds of death threats coming .
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Reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , the threat is a threat in order to Tusk and his family , due to accusations addressed to him in which he himself was responsible for the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski .

Lech and his wife and 95 top Polish officials died in a plane crash in 2010 . Event is known as the incidence of Smolensk .

Tusk assessed the opposition and the people of Poland are the people who deserve the blame . This is related to aircraft safety responsibilities are supposed to do .

Tusk called lax enforcement of safety in the presidential plane . However , he firmly rejected all accusations that pinned him , this rejection resulted Tusk and their families should receive a death threat .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Producer You Got To Keep The Movies Include Bastian CJR

Although Bastian has officially come out of Coboy Junior ( CJR ) , 's blowing that personnel curly hair is still going to star in the second film CJR later . This is possible because the parting scene with Bastian CJR be one part of the film itself.

Uniquely, it can be done without the need to hold Bastian to shoot back . So how do I ? " Every concert we were always filming for stock images . Includes Bastian farewell concert before . So later Bastian remains in the second film , " said Frederica , Producer Falcon Pictures to ® , Monday ( 13/4 ) .
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As a producer , CJR Frederica believes the second film to be a success after the first movie . " Demand it there . Fans of his fanatical base , " he said . The second film still makes Aldi , Rizky , and Iqbaal as a major player . He did not deny that CJR popularity is one reason why the film was made sequel .

Frederica did not want to get too grandiose in the making of the second film . It will still maintain the quality of the movie itself. " Actually, we make the film what purpose ? BEP deh let me be for a movie again . Fortunately No need thinking how . Then existing quality is sacrificed , " he concluded .


Air Jordan Destroy Combat Vehicle Syria

Air Force ( AU ) Jordan , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , destroying a number of combat vehicles as they tried to cross the Syrian border of Jordan's civil war -torn country .

" Jet - jet fighter air force , today around 10:30 , destroying a number of combat vehicles attempting to enter Jordan Syria , " the official statement of AD Jordan .

Combat vehicles were painted with camouflage models across the border , they said AD Jordan , passes through the area very heavy .

" Our fighter jets fired warning shots , but they ignore the warning. Thing that encourages our jets destroy the vehicle . Army Jordan not tolerate such acts , " the statement said .

An army official said Jordan , a three-wheeled vehicle tried to enter through the region Ruwaished border in north Jordan .

In recent weeks , border guards clashed Jordan and arrested a number of people as they tried to cross the border from Syria .

During the civil war that has been going on for three years in Syria , the Damascus government usually accuses Jordan supporting rebel forces .

However , Amman Syria has always denied the charges and said it was tightening border controls and jailed dozens of people who are considered proven illegally crossing the border .
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Jordan is now home to more than 500,000 displaced people of Syria . In addition , Jordan said that since last year , smuggling on the border between the two countries increased by 300 percent .


Monday, April 14, 2014

IMA file a marketing guide to OJK

Indonesian Marketing Association ( IMA ) proposed ethical guidelines and marketing of products in the financial services industry to the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) .

This is in order to improve the function of education and consumer protection became an important pillar FSA .

" We encourage input in the field of marketing changed , through the agency of the previous input MarkPlus be input through the IMA association , " said Program Director of IMA , Taufik in Education Seminar and Consumer Protection in the Financial Services Industry JS Luwansa Hotel , Jakarta , Monday ( 14 / 4/2014 ) .

Proposed ethical guidelines and marketing of products in the financial services industry , he added , including marketing communicant guide the financial services industry which could be considered if the FSA to make rules in the marketing aspects related to education and consumer protection .

" This step is then followed by a seminar that can bring together the FSA , actors in the financial services industry and those involved in all aspects of marketing in the financial services industry , which is related to education and consumer protection , " he explained .

Taufik, who is also the Chief Operating System Markplus said , it is in order to obtain input , aspect of what needs to be regulated and the regulator which should be regulated industry associations . Including associations that are involved directly or indirectly in marketing activities in the financial services industry .

" It is important keeping in the number of companies in the financial services industry , and the diversity of products and services that are owned . Course involves a series of marketing activities related to education and consumer protection very much , " he said .
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IMA hope that this meeting did not take place only once and can facilitate all the stakeholders in the financial services industry to help consumers realize that a wise and careful . Can simultaneously realize the financial services industry which had a strong financial fundamentals .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Motorola Give the Gift and Loan Schemes Buy Mobile

There are innovative programs offered by Motorola , which plans a credit scheme for customers who want to buy the latest Motorola smartphone series of non - contract , but constrained budget that is insufficient.

As quoted from PhoneArena , ( 10/04/2014 ) The credit program was launched by Motorola to respond to the survey results indicate that the market is still really want a Motorola phone . Only consumers erkendala by the prices that are considered quite expensive .
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In addition to mobile phone buyer credit program , Motorola also provide rewards program through points accumulated by Motorola customers . Customers will earn points in a variety of ways , both quizzes , games , or share through social networking programs . Points collected will eventually be exchanged for discounts , gift cards , merchandise , accessories , etc. from Motorola .

Not only that , Motorola also has a plan to give bonuses to the latest Motorola phone buyers with loan programs . For example, a discount on Google products , free upgrades anytime

and benefits gain quick access to new product information . More information can be found at and Moto Maker .