Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flooded ganjar Invitation Volunteer Jokowi Opens Post-JK

Jokowi - volunteer team leader JK Governor of Central Java is also claimed to have a lot Ganjar Pranowo get invited to inaugurate the post-post - JK Jokowi volunteers in a number of areas in Central Java . He also said the volunteers were already lined up request that was unveiled poskonya Ganjar .

" I ora nyateti ( I did not record ) , I present the request to be higher now . , But because I was bound to be a governor , so after working hours or a day off , " he said on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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Ganjar said the volunteers were then asked to come on weekends . This week he planned to inaugurate a volunteer post at the north coast . The volunteers come from a variety of groups , ranging from young children , merchants , religious groups , professional groups and a number of other communities .

" We will move to explain to the public , we also coordinated with Jakarta , " he said .

PDI-P politician is asked to volunteer for the campaign intelligently in winning Jokowi- JK . Volunteers are expected to explain to the public how politics and campaigning in a dignified manner , not doing a black campaign ( black campaign ) , do not speak ill of another candidate , but candidates with conditions showing what it is , so that it can convince people .

" Volunteers can explain to the public , what good politics , foreign policy is like, what kind of independence , I think it's more important to put forward , so that enlightened society , " he said .

He better hope that volunteers can provide education to the community so that people can understand clearly where the pair should be selected as well as studying the vision - mission of the future leaders .

"If there needs to be provided for the debate stage , so that the educated people . Even if there is a good flyer yes , each has advantages and disadvantages , each of which can be seen , " he said .


Monday, May 26, 2014

PNS Rated Most Prone mobilized in Presidential Election

Neutrality of civil servants, military and police are often in the spotlight in the general election . Supervisory Committee members Semarang Regency Mardoyo said , of the three institutions , they are considered the most vulnerable to civil servants mobilized to support one candidate .

In addition to very many in number , civil servants have the right to vote , not as members of the military and police are prohibited from voting . They also have ties to the head of the relevant local placement policies , while the head of the region is the result of policy representation from the political parties .

" Neutrality is our place in the scale of priorities in our control to the village or villages . It usually occurs in the implementation of the campaign , in addition to the mobilization of civil servants is also the provision of state facilities for campaign activities , " said Mardoyo , member of Supervisory Committee and the Institutional Division of the Human Resources .

Meanwhile , in a recent visit at the police headquarters in Semarang , Central Java Police chief Brig Ali Noer affirming the neutrality of the institution and its members .
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" Yes indeed rules must be neutral members of the Police . Therefore I remind you again that the police should be neutral in every election . His job is only to secure , " he said .

Police chief claimed to have instructed the police chief in the entire region of Central Java to map the potential for conflict in each area , the main results about the presence or absence of resistance coalition in which there is a mass base in the area .

" Over time , we update the vulnerability . Clearly , we have prepared two thirds power to secure the election , " he added .

Previously , during his visit in Ambarawa recently , Regional Commander IV / Diponegoro Maj. Gen. Sunindyo also expressed guarantee the neutrality of its members in the event the election though unknown number of retired military generals became involved in candidate or candidate 's campaign team .

"It has been proven , the military remained neutral . Unless Persit and their children who have had the right to vote , that's fine , " he said .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Make Splashy Jokowi arrival in Sepinggan

The arrival of presidential candidate Joko Widodo in Balikpapan , East Kalimantan , was greeted at the airport Sepinggan , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) . In fact , the new Jokowi arrived around 21:00 pm .

Once out in the arrivals terminal , which was accompanied by Mayor Jokowi Balikpapan , Rizal Effendi , welcomed hundreds of passengers in airports . So is the staff and the airport janitor .

They scramble to shake hands with Jokowi and some chanted " Jokowi Life " . The enthusiastic reception given to make the guards Jokowi white shirt a little overwhelmed .
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Having made ​​it out of the crowd of people , Jokowi then up to the Toyota Innova car belonging to one investigator. The plan , Jokowi and his entourage went to Hotel Yayang .

Previously , Jokowi planned to arrive around 19:00 pm . While waiting Jokowi , the Rooter unfurled banners reading " Welcome Mr. Ir H Joko Widodo in East Kalimantan . Society Movement We all board Jokowi for President JKW4P7 Kaltim ready to win in the presidential election Jokowi Kaltim - Kaltara . "

Not only the police , a security guard of the party also fell . Looks 10 male wearing a white shirt with the logo Hanura and the other half wore a white shirt with pin Society Movement ( Gema ) Jokowi for President ( JKW4P ) .

There are also some black red shirt with the emblem of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) , and do not miss the man whose distinctive plaid shirt Jokowi .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Street Corruption, Anti-corruption Activist Sentenced to 17 Months Prison

Reaction Assembly Criminal Justice Corruption Court verdicts Semarang dropping one year and five months in prison to Budi Raharjo , one of Civil Servants in Jepara regency stuck corruption cases of road and canal in three places in Jepara regency .

The judge also fined Rp 50 million drop or the equivalent of two months of captivity. Budi Rahardjo stuck because the road case sitting as a project supervisor . He claimed to be watching the road until the road project working on three projects that do not fit with the Plan Cost Estimates (RAB ) .

There are three built with a budget of Rp 900 million from the regional budget allocation Pemprov Central Java in 2012 . Three Village area , among others, West Linton , West Linton and District Villages and Countryside Sidialit Bantong , Sub Batealit .
( read: blackthroat )

To give the verdict the judge concluded that the defendant with the other defendants were going to do the same job deviation . It is obvious that the defendant signed Budi project file is actually problematic. Working for the band was done by CV Honest Jaya Mandiri .

" State defendants participated in illegal acts of corruption do together as it is for the secondary claim to Article 3 of Law No. 31 of 1999 as amended and replaced the Law No. 20 of 2001 jo article 55 paragraph 1 of the 1st of the Penal Code , " the judge said triad read the verdict, Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Its own admission, since the student is to become civil activists who oppose the criminal acts of corruption. To that end , in this case himself feel beaten . Not only him, but also in large families .

In his defense, for example , the defendants claim to have the spirit of reform Budi high and still young . Due to this case, he and his family feel punished directly in the community.

However , the reason is not acceptable Budi judge. Judge triad say excuse used as an excuse corrector , which can not be grounds for removing criminal acts .

" Assembly judge legally and confident assertion that the defendant is prosecuted . That what the defendant was not served in the ground for corrector or forgiving can release from entrapment law. For that, the defendant should be sentenced , " he said.

Decision is to consider a few things . Action defendants who feel guilty for weight considerations . While elements of family obligations and has never been the case of extenuating punished . The two sides also still worried over court decides.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Residents of Kampung Cage Threatens Longer Build Residential Land RTH

All residents of Kampung Kennels , West Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , stated , when PT Boga Bumi Persada not reimburse you , they will be desperate to rebuild housing on land that will be converted into the reservoir .

" If baseball is paid , we will continue to build occupancy back , " said Chairman of RW 13 , Kampung Kennels , West Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , Bawono , to , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) .

Bawono reasoned , in addition to the land , he and other residents of Kampung cages do not have another place to live. He added , they just want to get assurance from the developer .
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Residents of Kampung Cage , Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , said that until now has not received compensation related eviction from their homes PT Bumi Persada Boga . Whereas , previously , the mediation between residents , the developer promised settlement payment is made in stages until the date of May 20, 2014 .

Previously reported , hundreds of heads of households ( HH) in Kampung Cage , Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , questioned the clarity of PT Bumi Persada Boga on compensation for land to be converted into the reservoir.

Their fate is unclear because they are forbidden to rebuild their homes because the land was included in the area of ​​green open space .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Not sure Prabowo Alkadira Involved Rights Violations

A total of 20 community organizations supporting the presidential candidate Prabowo , who joined the team of volunteers Populist Alliance Indonesia Raya ( Akadira ) , believes that the former commander of Kopassus are not involved in the case of the kidnapping of activists .

According to the Chairman of the Mass Mobilization Network and Alkadira Alexander Spinoza , recognition Prabowo responsible in such cases only to avoid greater effect on society .
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" But it was not proven . Which do it already light is the instrument the country , " said Alexander, who also joined in the Activist Forum 80-90 Alkadira declaration during a press conference on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Furthermore, he added , the issue of human rights violations alleged to Prabowo solely for dropping electability ahead of the presidential election . " That is always the issue of 5-year exhaled , " he said .

In the same place , Chairman Alkadira M Ali Ridho Prabowo also denied involvement in the issue of human rights violations . He also quoted the Chairman of the PDI-P's Megawati Sukarnoputri posed at the time to be a couple in the 2009 Presidential election .

" Mega Mom once said ' if Prabowo human rights crimes , which he may be my running mate ' , " said Ali mimicked Megawati said .

Presidential candidate Prabowo finally officially took Hatta Rajasa as a running mate would be . The pair carried by Gerindra , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , the United Development Party ( PPP ) , the Golkar Party , and the United Nations .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reconstruction Kidnapping Baby in RSHS Lasts 72 Scenes

Chief Commissioner Polrestabes London Mashudi say , reconstruct baby kidnapping incident pair Toni Manurutng ( 26 ) and Lasmaria Manulang ( 24 ) at Hasan Sadikin Hospital ( RSHS ) Bandung , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) morning , took place in 72 scenes .

Reworking the incident also acted directly by the suspect , Desi Ariani ( 32 ) , although they had to use a wheelchair because of not being able to walk after surgery fracture fracture connection , some time ago .

" This reconstruction is one ( form ) combines the results of the investigation report suspect . How'd he do ( kidnapping ) from beginning to end to get away from Hasan Sadikin ( RSHS ) , " said Commissioner Mashudi , after reconstruction , Wednesday afternoon .
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Meanwhile , at the time of reconstruction of abduction switch to Alamanda in the delivery room , reporters were not allowed to enter into in order to maintain tranquility . Inside the room, demonstrating Desi scene and Lasmaria Tony ordered him to clean the blood of the rest of the former labor . When both of them off guard , Desi action baby named Valencia Manurutng insert it into the orange bag . " In the room there are 15 scenes , " he stressed .

Furthermore , Mashudi added , only a few new facts discovered in the reconstruction of the incident . According to him , this fact does not significantly affect the results of the suspect .

" New facts just one or two alone . Not reduce examination results , already fit , " he said .