Sunday, May 4, 2014

There was a fire on the Lower Rindang "Banyan Tree" Golkar

Golkar currently swelter and hot . Under the banyan tree symbol kerindangan , no burning embers in the chaff wait gust "wind " right to fire or otherwise extinguished.

On Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) afternoon , as organizations pillar and wing paper The compact Party held a press conference . They addressing voice revenue decline Golkar far from the target.

Quickly calculate various parties estimate that dinakhodai Bakrie currently is around 14 to 15 percent of votes . In fact, the target is 27 percent pegged voice .
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Head of Family Consultation General Spring Cleaning ( MKGR ) Priyo Budi Santoso , for example , met with one of the Central Organization of Employee Swadiri founder Indonesia ( SOKSI ) Suhadirman day.

Before you press, Suhardiman outright ask Aburizal to remove his dream as president. " Do not dream Ical will be the first in Indonesia outside Java , " said Suhardiman , the man who is also a founder of the Golkar Party .

MKGR and SOKSI , while Kosgoro 1957 , is known as the founder of Golkar and three community organizations ( trikarya ) . Then , other community organizations Golkar , Indonesia Defence Of Control ( AMPI ) also follow the speech.

Golkar chief Dave Laksono ask AMPI organization involved in national leadership meeting future. This organization feels donate for Golkar votes in the legislative elections . They mention that 50 percent of members of AMPI as a candidate member of the legislature Golkar .

The next day, Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) , eight community organizations pillar Golkar ( petting ) and two wing organizations such attitudes Golkar making a statement in the Office of the DPP Golkar . Seven items produced consensus .

One of the details of the deal were urged to call Golkar rapimnas day after the General Election Commission announced the results of the legislative elections recapitulation voice revenue . Rapimnas is expected to be a hot Event .

All community organizations " buffer " This Golkar agreed to use rapimnas as the only official instrument for channeling aspirations. For them, if Aburizal set a prospective presidential candidate based on the results rapimnas , the Bakrie Group owner determination after legislative elections this should already be in rapimnas .

Contention cawapres position ?

Various maneuvers to "shake " pencapresan Aburizal by the " stock " Golkar has actually been launched since before the legislative elections . Some Golkar elite frequent among others mendengungkan evaluation Akbar Tandjung , Priyo Budi Santoso , and Yorrys Raweyai .

In some instances , the third induces Golkar politician evaluate pencapresan Aburizal . Maneuver had perhaps done Priyo criticism of the Secretary-General Idrus Marham Golkar .

In his criticisms , Idrus offensive lolosnya Priyo a member of the House of Representatives to get rewarded for the period 2009-2014 Golkar voice . " Honestly, Priyo barely escaped in the 2009 elections if the party does not dikatrol voice , " he said.

Maneuver the most elite Golkar also allegedly against private interests . With Akbar , Priyo name was touted as a potential cawapres ideal for other party candidates for president .

Senior Golkar politician Zainal Bintang included , so far there are six potential Golkar politician cawapres be prospective for other parties . They are Akbar Tandjung , Priyo Budi Santoso , Jusuf Kalla , Luhut Panjaitan , Agung Laksono , and Ginanjar Kartasasmita .

" There is a third option , ( rapimnas result ) does not carry the candidate. 's Happen if majority vote ( participants ) rapimnas ask four or five - figure apart Aburizal figure who became cawapres , " Zainal said in a discussion in Jakarta , Sunday ( 4/5 / 2014) .

General head position was threatened

Not only Aburizal position as a presidential candidate is no longer safe. General position as head of the party even threatened.

Fourth point deals from ten community organizations in DPP Golkar Party is urging engagement DPD II Golkar, the structure of the management of the district , in rapimnas future.

The involvement of DPD II Golkar could be a threat because it is the voice of Aburizal grass roots structure the management of the party. Moreover , the managers have protested DPD II strengthening Aburizal as presidential candidate in rapimnas 2012.

Zainal mentioned , the presence of DPD II could open up opportunities pelengseran Aburizal from the chair broad head . While managers DPD II is just going to be a spotter AD / ART , their presence could potentially persist remarkable acceleration of national consultations ( munaslub ) .

" Why is there a push to include the DPD II ? 's A strategy . Munaslub a case , can replace the density . Existence of a right to live formalized DPD II only ( rapimnas ) to make munaslub , " Zainal said.

Furthermore, the details of the deal seventh party ten organizations such buffer is clearly stated insistence that national consultations ( General Assembly ) maintained appropriate AD / ART namely in October 2014 , not October 2015 General Assembly 's recommendation Pekanbaru 2009.

Zainal thought , Pekanbaru General Assembly was negligent breach of AD / ART party by adding a term of six years Aburizal be . " ( Discourse ) General Assembly Golkar will heat up in rapimnas , " Zainal said.

Dipercepatnya implementation of General Assembly slashing Golkar synonymous Aburizal tenure as density . Zainal said , so far two Golkar cadres had come out fight over the position currently occupied Aburizal . They are Priyo Budi Santoso , and General Laksono .

Zainal was glass on density lengsernya Jusuf Kalla as Aburizal replaced in 2009 . Currently , the internal Kalla of Golkar angry after losing a landslide victory in the 2009 Presidential Election . , He says, it is possible that such events recur now .

According to Zainal , president of Partai Golkar's position now is very important . Anyone who can get the party 's top seat , said MKGR Faced Islam , would get a lot of political mileage.

Anyone who occupies the chair of the party after the general head munaslub , Zainal said , would have no bargaining power with the President-elect of the future. Bargaining , including Golkar cadres to enter a minister with full authority , with " consideration " coalition of the Golkar Party .

For Golkar , very difficult position probably imagined opposition . Throughout the history of its existence , Golkar always be in the power wagon .

" Familiarity " is probably now the blower coals of fire in the husk . " Flame " is there, though under exuberance " banyan tree " old ...

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