Thursday, May 1, 2014

"To see such Wants to Meet Jokowi It Azrael"

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , absent in the peak of the International Labor Day commemoration held Indonesian Trade Union Confederation Bung Karno Stadium , Jakarta , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) . In fact , no other presidential candidates were present . What is it ?

" Meet Jokowi that we know all that , approaching ( the presidential election ) in 2014 , as approaching angel Azrael . Success and safety team was terrible , " said President KSPI Said Iqbal on absenteeism Jokowi , after speeches on Thursday . According to Islamic teachings , the angel Azrael is the angel in charge of taking lives .
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Jokowi absence of this activity is to invite journalists to KSPI question . What's more , the activities at the Bung Karno also raised the issue of the political contract laborers for the presidential candidates . PDI - P is the party which has been seen quite a meeting with labor issues .

According to Said , the political contract that they have to offer stretcher to a presidential candidate , including Jokowi . However , he said, the only presidential candidate of the Great Indonesia Movement Party , Prabowo , who are willing to sign a contract stating that.

Until the International Labor Day commemoration took place , said Said , KSPI not get an answer about the political contract of Jokowi . He also said it has filed three times the contract to Jokowi .

With this condition , Said said that KSPI Prabowo will provide support to the presidential election of 2014 . In the near future , he said , KSPI will again meet to discuss the contract with Prabowo it more depth . " For the maturation of vision and mission forward , " he said .


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