Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flooded ganjar Invitation Volunteer Jokowi Opens Post-JK

Jokowi - volunteer team leader JK Governor of Central Java is also claimed to have a lot Ganjar Pranowo get invited to inaugurate the post-post - JK Jokowi volunteers in a number of areas in Central Java . He also said the volunteers were already lined up request that was unveiled poskonya Ganjar .

" I ora nyateti ( I did not record ) , I present the request to be higher now . , But because I was bound to be a governor , so after working hours or a day off , " he said on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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Ganjar said the volunteers were then asked to come on weekends . This week he planned to inaugurate a volunteer post at the north coast . The volunteers come from a variety of groups , ranging from young children , merchants , religious groups , professional groups and a number of other communities .

" We will move to explain to the public , we also coordinated with Jakarta , " he said .

PDI-P politician is asked to volunteer for the campaign intelligently in winning Jokowi- JK . Volunteers are expected to explain to the public how politics and campaigning in a dignified manner , not doing a black campaign ( black campaign ) , do not speak ill of another candidate , but candidates with conditions showing what it is , so that it can convince people .

" Volunteers can explain to the public , what good politics , foreign policy is like, what kind of independence , I think it's more important to put forward , so that enlightened society , " he said .

He better hope that volunteers can provide education to the community so that people can understand clearly where the pair should be selected as well as studying the vision - mission of the future leaders .

"If there needs to be provided for the debate stage , so that the educated people . Even if there is a good flyer yes , each has advantages and disadvantages , each of which can be seen , " he said .


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