Monday, May 26, 2014

PNS Rated Most Prone mobilized in Presidential Election

Neutrality of civil servants, military and police are often in the spotlight in the general election . Supervisory Committee members Semarang Regency Mardoyo said , of the three institutions , they are considered the most vulnerable to civil servants mobilized to support one candidate .

In addition to very many in number , civil servants have the right to vote , not as members of the military and police are prohibited from voting . They also have ties to the head of the relevant local placement policies , while the head of the region is the result of policy representation from the political parties .

" Neutrality is our place in the scale of priorities in our control to the village or villages . It usually occurs in the implementation of the campaign , in addition to the mobilization of civil servants is also the provision of state facilities for campaign activities , " said Mardoyo , member of Supervisory Committee and the Institutional Division of the Human Resources .

Meanwhile , in a recent visit at the police headquarters in Semarang , Central Java Police chief Brig Ali Noer affirming the neutrality of the institution and its members .
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" Yes indeed rules must be neutral members of the Police . Therefore I remind you again that the police should be neutral in every election . His job is only to secure , " he said .

Police chief claimed to have instructed the police chief in the entire region of Central Java to map the potential for conflict in each area , the main results about the presence or absence of resistance coalition in which there is a mass base in the area .

" Over time , we update the vulnerability . Clearly , we have prepared two thirds power to secure the election , " he added .

Previously , during his visit in Ambarawa recently , Regional Commander IV / Diponegoro Maj. Gen. Sunindyo also expressed guarantee the neutrality of its members in the event the election though unknown number of retired military generals became involved in candidate or candidate 's campaign team .

"It has been proven , the military remained neutral . Unless Persit and their children who have had the right to vote , that's fine , " he said .


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