Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Governor: Fast Kemenhut Remove Immigrants Fare

Bengkulu Governor Junaidi Hamsyah confide to members of the House of Representatives Forestry Commission who visited the area. She complained to the Ministry of Forestry usulannya associated with permission to use the protected forest area for open access one district did not get a response.

"But another thing if for permission mining, the Ministry of Forestry issued a license very quickly , " sighed Junaidi , Monday , 28 April 2014. According to him , the proposed opening of the road was very important , because it can open up access Lebong District which has isolated.
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For this , he claims , the district is difficult to grow because it is not a transport crossing area . Over the past year , Jambi Provincial Government has proposed making way through the District Sarolangun .

Harassment complaints host, House members just ask Mr. Governor patient. " Patience alone, sir. Opened with no forest , our grandchildren will surely be thankful to Mr , and Mr. will be rewarded , " said Ian Siagian , a member of the Forestry Commission of the House of Representatives .


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