Friday, April 18, 2014

Identification, Pilgrims Ship Death Toll Karam in Larantuka

East Flores Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Gede Dewa Putu Artha said it identified seven victims who died in the sinking of the ship Fishermen Bhakti - 74 in the activities of religious pilgrimage in Larantuka , capital of East Flores Regency , on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) afternoon .

The death toll is Sister Epifanu CIJ , Andreas Gewawo Kleden ( son ) , Mrs. Marlin Wangge , Duan Anthony ( son ) , Maria Nogo Weran , Dede Badin ( child ) , and Lodovikus Tukan .

While 21 other victims , said police chief Gede Artha , is in intensive care in hospitals Larantuka .

He said the results of sweeping Polrer members assisted local residents and pilgrims are no victims around the crime scene (TKP ) , has found 29 people and the search was continued and developed into the surrounding waters .

At the scene the victim was not found again . Gede hope the death toll does not increase . Although demkian , it still continues to search for total passengers previously not known with certainty .

" Total victims drowned along the fishing boat has not been established , so as the number was still confusing . But certainly , the search is still ongoing and will be added soon and the members of the fleet at sea for pegembangan sweeping around , " he said .

He said , the scene is about 50 meters from the back of his house in Sarotari Beach , which is not too far from the chapel where the statue of Sir Meninu store .
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Previously reported , seven people have died while following a spiritual pilgrimage Semana Santa is held in Larantuka , NTT Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) . The dead consisted of four women and three men .


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