Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Air Jordan Destroy Combat Vehicle Syria

Air Force ( AU ) Jordan , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , destroying a number of combat vehicles as they tried to cross the Syrian border of Jordan's civil war -torn country .

" Jet - jet fighter air force , today around 10:30 , destroying a number of combat vehicles attempting to enter Jordan Syria , " the official statement of AD Jordan .

Combat vehicles were painted with camouflage models across the border , they said AD Jordan , passes through the area very heavy .

" Our fighter jets fired warning shots , but they ignore the warning. Thing that encourages our jets destroy the vehicle . Army Jordan not tolerate such acts , " the statement said .

An army official said Jordan , a three-wheeled vehicle tried to enter through the region Ruwaished border in north Jordan .

In recent weeks , border guards clashed Jordan and arrested a number of people as they tried to cross the border from Syria .

During the civil war that has been going on for three years in Syria , the Damascus government usually accuses Jordan supporting rebel forces .

However , Amman Syria has always denied the charges and said it was tightening border controls and jailed dozens of people who are considered proven illegally crossing the border .
(see also: kicau burung kenari )

Jordan is now home to more than 500,000 displaced people of Syria . In addition , Jordan said that since last year , smuggling on the border between the two countries increased by 300 percent .


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