Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Negligent, 55 Pupils in Bengkulu UN Can not Participate

A total of 55 students from three boarding school in Bengkulu province , threatened not to follow the National Exam ( UN ) SMP level , May 5.

This occurs because the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs ( MORA Regional Office ) was never informed about the local data submission schedule students for UN database 2014.

"Before we get information from the public , if there are 55 boarding junior high school students can not join UN in Bengkulu , " said Chief Ombudsman Representative Herdi Puryanto Bengkulu , accompanied by Assistant Ombudsman Representative , Irsan Hidayat , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) .

Herdi say , 55 students were threatened not participate in the UN 's Boarding School Hidayatul Mubtadi - Ien Bengkulu many as 17 students , Darul Falah Islamic boarding school in the District of North Bengkulu Green Princess 18 students , and Ponpes Tegal rejo Darussalam North Bengkulu many as 20 students .

Bengkulu Ombudsman Representative will coordinate with the Ombudsman to get clarification to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Education . This is done so that the rights of the students to follow the UN as school graduation standards are not neglected , due to the negligence of a particular party .

" We 've visited one of the owners of Boarding Schools Hidayatul Mubtadi - Ien . Of the meeting was obtained , if the Regional Office of victory negligent . In addition , a change of Head of Religion and Religious Education Sessions in the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious , so that students can not enter the name of the data to the UN this year , "said Herdi .

Separately , the owner of Boarding Schools Hidayatul Mubtadi - Ien , KH . Abdul Muntaqim explained , 17 students wustho or junior high level in their boarding schools can not follow the UN , is due to negligence of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religious Bengkulu province .
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Muntaqim claimed to have never received information about the data submission schedule students . " We should be invited to the meeting of the technical coordination of the implementation of the UN . We think the reason is far-fetched , " he said .


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