Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Risk Python Snake Swallowing Large Prey kind of crocodile

Piton including deadly snakes . Although not venomous , these reptiles could kill their prey lives with winding very strong biting . Large prey can he voraciously .
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Python victims were varied , ranging from small animals such as mice to larger animals such as deer . Even pythons also dare prey on other wild animals , the alligator .

Mentioned by preying crocodile , python benefit , can not eat fast alias for two months .

But to prey on crocodiles is not an easy thing for python , crocodile body hard and scaly sharp backfire for python . The snake took a little longer to destroy the crocodile 's body .

Risk crocodiles prey on the body for a long time it makes python vulnerable from attack other wild animals , for example dogs Australia .

" Pythons can swallow a crocodile , it does not matter . 's Just the more risky option than to prey on mice , " said Bryan Fry , a snake expert at the University of Queensland , Australia .

The BBC , Wednesday, March 5, 2014 , Fry claimed to have witnessed how hard pythons prey crocodile . Piton took 5 hours to swallow the alligator body .

Piton rely on robust coil body to paralyze their prey . This snake is also able to detect the heartbeats of their prey, so as to know their hearts beating stopped , python will slowly begin to reduce the strength of the windings to then engulf the nation in his body .

The process is also not easy to swallow alligator . As mentioned above, the risk of a python attacked another animal . Besides the risk , python body could not withstand the magnitude of the crocodile 's body .

This happened 9 years ago , in 2005 , the Burmese python in Florida , the U.S. was trying to swallow prey crocodile stronger . Python 's body is torn and flesh swept out . The possibility that pythons could not swallow the alligator 's body is too large and cut the artery python .

When prey is located in the stomach python , python digestive system will work . Ingestion of prey melibatlan increase in body metabolism that wild snake . Python can grow organs , enlarged to three to four times the normal size . To destroy the prey 's body , enzymes rely python .
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Within two weeks after prey , pythons began slender body and a week later , the snake may defecate .


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