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Types of Persian Cats are cute and adorable

In this post I will share a story about Persian Cats Types The Cute And Adorable once , so do not let you miss this experience , because I will provide information pertaining to your pet at home , his special Persian cat .(see also: pakan burung)

The Phenomenal types of Persian Cats

Type persian cat

This type of cat is the animal that is quite phenomenal because the price is quite expensive but not a few people who hunt animals peliharaanyang this one , where the animal has unique characteristics that can hypnotize the pet lover .

A brief history of type persian cat

This cat comes dai Countries Turkey , where there is a city called Persian , and there are many of these animals , whether in the wild or maintained , and the spread of these animals at the start by a merchant who traded European origin there , and he bought the animal to be brought back to europe , and not in the suspect animal is received with joy by the people of Europe are compassionate star .

And peak spread of this animal after the animal persian beauty contest , which was conducted in the UK in 1800 . Well there was the start of her animals to be hunted pet lovers , and they were willing to buy these animals even though the price is not friendly or expensive . Where this type of Persian cat its price ranges from 2 to 25 million dollars , and it also depends on the uniqueness of its own cat .

Special features persian cat

To see the characteristics of this animal is very easy at all , this cat has a unique face , his nose snub yan parallel to his mouth , and from animal fur has a long, thick fur , this cat has a friendly carpenter , good , and this cat is very easy to adapt to its new environment , so it is not difficult to maintain one 's animals .
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The Phenomenal types of Persian Cats
Well that's a little explanation of the type of Persian Cats are cute and adorable once , hopefully this article brmanfaat and terikasih over his visit .


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